Storage Insurance

Even though Madison Self Storage is well-constructed, well-maintained, and secure, you never know when disaster may strike. It’s not likely that our facility would suffer damages during a storm, but we all know that Mother Nature can be unpredictable. That’s why we recommend having tenant insurance in place to help protect you against potential loss of your belongings.
How do you know if you need tenant insurance? In short, if you would want to replace the items you’re storing, you need insurance. This coverage will help you replace any items you’re storing at our facility in the event that they’re destroyed by an unfortunate event. SafeStor Insurance covers your belongings in the event that they’re destroyed by lightning, wind, hail, fire, smoke, and earthquake or building collapse, a hurricane, explosion, or water leaks. Additionally, it covers loss due to burglary, vandalism, or even damage caused by vermin.

We’re proud to offer SafeStor Insurance at a highly affordable price. Contact us today to start your insurance plan today!